The 5th European Conference and Exhibition on Noise Control EURONOISE 2003 will be held in Naples, Italy on 2003 May 19-21.

EURONOISE 2003 is being organized by the Acoustical Society of Italy (AIA) in cooperation with the European Acoustics Association (EAA) and with the support of the University of Naples Federico II, the SUN University of Naples, the Italian National Research Council (C.N.R.).

The general theme of EURONOISE 2003 is "The European challenge for a better sound environment"

  • Studentship for Ph.D. studies . Ref.: WM-121
    The five year studentship presumes a first degree with some specialization on Acoustics or Structural Dynamics. It is expected that the successful candidate enjoys working in a team and is willing to assist in the supervision of M.Sc.-projects.

  • Preparatory post for a Ph.D. Studentship
    A candidate is sought for the preparation of a grant application for Structural Acoustics research on pre-buckled structures. With a succesful proposal, the candidate will be appointed for the project. Expected is a first degree or graduation during the autumn 2002 in Engineering Physics or Mechanical Engineering. The preparation stage is approximately three months and the project would be for three years.